What An Incredible Bond… A Dog And A Jaguar! Isn’t this incredible? (See Video)

What An Incredible Bond… A Dog And A Jaguar! Isn’t this incredible? (See Video)

It goes without saying that a jaguar is not a pet . But it is true that many of these beautiful animals need the help of rescuers to survive , especially if they lose their mothers when they are just babies.

The jaguar is the only one of the five extant species of this genus found in the Americas. It is also the largest cat in America and the third largest in the world, after the tiger (Panthera tigris) and the lion (Panthera leo).

The encounter between a jaguar and a defenseless puppy is giving a lot to talk about on the networks

This was the case with a huge jaguar named Jag. Rescuers at Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa found him when he was just a couple of days old.

The poor cat was completely alone and it was evident that he needed protection.

The jaguar is a solitary animal, adults usually only meet for courtship and mating.

In the world, it is second in size only to two of its relatives: tigers and lions.

Luckily, this organization specializes in wild animals, and they had everything they needed to give Jag much-needed care.

Contrary to what they expected, the beautiful cat turned out to be very sociable and friendly.

There have been anecdotal cases of socialization

He showed his rescuers how happy and grateful he was. Jag forged a very special relationship with her human and when he was little he even slept in the same bed next to her to wake her up from time to time and ask her for a well-deserved bottle.

Its roar often resembles a repetitive cough; they can also vocalize meows and grunts

She gave him all the love in the world, but she knew the time was coming for Jag to grow up and start living in the larger enclosures of the sanctuary.

What worried him the most was knowing that the sweet feline was very sociable and he did not want to leave him there all alone .

Being a strict carnivore, it is a solitary and opportunistic hunter and its diet includes more than 80 different species.

It was then that it occurred to him to introduce him to his little dog: Bullet.

This sweet furry guy was also very nice and despite his innate nature as a hunter, the rescuer imagined that they could become great friends.

It prefers large prey, such as tapirs, peccaries and deer, but it also hunts alligators and anacondas and does not rule out feeding on frogs, birds or fish.

The result was much better than they had expected. After only a couple of hours, Jag seemed like Bullet’s best friend.

They could spend the whole day playing and running around the entire sanctuary.

In some areas of their natural habitat, some specimens can specialize in capturing domestic animals.

The jaguar enjoyed his cub years with the best possible friend, but as he continued to grow, rescuers feared the cat would harm him .

When the time came, they tried to start separating them but the result left them in shock.

Jag cried non-stop every time they tried to separate him from Bullet. The poor cat felt very lonely and did nothing but scream and lie down waiting for his sweet friend. But to his amazement, the puppy was not far behind.

Watch in this video the interaction of the unlikely friends that impresses so many:

They fought to keep him away but he would run away whenever he could to return to the jaguar and continue his long play sessions.

There was no choice but to resign: Bullet and Jag were meant to be great friends and share as much as possible.

Despite his enormous size, Jag always treats his good friend Bullet very delicately, and the furry seems to be the leader of this curious friendship that has baffled and fallen in love with so many people.


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