The dog was abandoned by the owner after jumping into the fire to save the owner from death, causing frustration

About 3 years ago, the story of a girl named Pia from Argentina carrying a very poor dog wandering the streets was very interested by netizens. At Christmas, when Pia visited a friend in another neighborhood, she saw a dog lying exhausted on the street, motionless, eyes lifeless.

Looking at the poor dog’s appearance, no one would have thought it could survive: hairless, thin and dirty, covered with large patches of scum all over his body from sores, looking like a dry skeleton abandoned for many years. extremely scary. Pia immediately took him to the veterinary clinic. Doctors said, if the next 2 days, it cannot pass, then there is no hope of survival.

The little boy had almost no chance of survival when he was brought to the vet

“He couldn’t stand up, he wouldn’t eat either, so I laid him on a big blanket and tried to feed him water all night. Even I thought he was going to die, but somehow I looked at him. In his eyes, I feel like he really doesn’t want to give up.”

However, very fortunately, after a few days of being cared for by Pia, the wild dog showed signs of regaining consciousness, gradually “reviving” miraculously. Because of the animal’s strength, Pia decided to name it Hercules – a true warrior.

The animal’s pitiful appearance makes many people unable to hold back

Since then, Pia became the owner of Hercules. Every day, she worriedly watched and carefully took care of her pet dog. When Herkin gradually recovered, stood up and took her first steps, Pia said that she was so happy that she cried like a baby.

Hercules miraculously recovered after being taken in by his kind mistress

Recently, the pictures of Hercules shared by Pia on social networks will probably surprise many people because they cannot recognize the old boneless, hungry dog. Her quintet now… has a lot of hair and is not as skinny as before. This is truly an admirable “makeover”. The wandering dog Hercules has now become a real “hot Instagramer” with more than 45,000 followers – a number not everyone has.

The super cute pictures of Hercules in the present

The cute dog loves to cuddle with his kind owner. Pia said, since Herquin appeared, her life has become a lot more meaningful. Hercules is an extremely friendly and hospitable dog.


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