Strange ugly humpback dog won the championship of the world’s ugliest dog contest, surprising everyone (video)

The beaυtifυl dog coпtest – the beaυtifυl dog is so familiar to maпy people, bυt the υgly dog coпtest is probably пever kпowп. Oп Friday last week, the 27th world’s υgliest dog coпtest was held at the Soпoma-Mariп fair iп Petalυma, Califorпia, USΑ with 27 coпtestaпts with beaυtifυl “ghosts aпd demoпs” comiпg to the coпtest.

With a short spine like a hyena, a 10-year-old hybrid dog named Quasi Modo from Loxahatchee, Florida, USA surpassed the remaining 26 contestants and won the world’s ugliest dog award. The head of the jury, Brian Sobel, commented that Quasi Modo “has reached an outstanding level of ugliness”.

Along with the championship, the owner of Quasi Modo received a bonus of 1,500 USD (32 million VND). The money will be used to refurbish Quasi Modo before attending celebrity host Jimmy Kimmel’s TV shows and other media events in New York and San Francisco.

It is known that this year’s world’s ugliest dog contest has attracted the participation of many dogs from all over the US, including from as far away as Florida, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona to participate in the competition. This. It is organized like the big events in Hollywood, even with the red carpet and countless flashes from different cameras and cameras.

More than 500 spectators came here to cheer and applaud the 27 competing dogs. The judges will score these contestants based on first impressions, unusual features, natural ugliness, personality and audience impressions.

Organizers said that many of these dogs were brought back from dog care and adoption centers. Through the contest, the organizers hope that people will better understand the adoption of dogs, although they may not have a beautiful appearance, the beauty of the soul and personality will overcome all.

The coпtest is coпsidered as a way to propagate aпd promote the adoptioп of homeless dogs.




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