People Share Their Hilarious ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Experiences – Viral Cats Blog

People Share Their Hilarious ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Experiences – Viral Cats Blog

People are sharing photos of their best ‘My House, Not My Cat’ encounters, and it’s a reminder that cats can be mischievous little creatures. These encounters often involve cats who have found their way into someone’s home uninvited, and have been caught in the act of lounging on furniture or helping themselves to the resident’s food. Some of these encounters are humorous, with the cats appearing to be perfectly at home in their new surroundings.

#1 My Orange Boy Brought Home A Boy. You All Could Have At Least Put A Tie On The Door. Judging By How Close They Are, I’m The Last One To Meet This Dark, Handsome Stranger

Source: Jordyn Oshman

#2  Came Home From Kroger To Hear Some Screaming, And Found This Little Guy Running Around

  Sajoel Hauberg

#3  This Girl Often Sneaks Into My House, Eats My Cats Food, Naps On My Favorite Chair And Violently Tries To Style My Morning Bed Head While Try To Peacefully Drink Coffee. She Is Not My Cat. She Is Chaos

Source: Jessie Heidelberg

#4  My Kitchen…. Absolutely Not My Cat…. Think She’s Expecting Food?

Source:   Annelie Birtner

#5 We Generally Leave Our Bathroom Window Open At Night For Ventilation And Bathroom Door Shut To Keep The Rest Of The House From Getting Cold… Switched On The Light – Opened The Door

Source: Matt Hendry

#6  My Bathroom, My Lap, Not My Cat. I Got Home From Work At 6am And This Guy Decided To Follow Me Inside. Oh! And He Has Some Extra Toe Beans

Source: Alyssa Reaser

#7 I Have Been Holed Up At Home Sick For The Last Week. My Cat Will Have Nothing To Do With Me. I Sat Out On The Back Patio This Morning For Some Fresh Air And Sunshine, Feeling Pretty Sorry For Myself. Along Came Our ‘Not Cat’ From Over The Back Fence. To Keep Me Company. Yeay For My Not Cat!

Source: Lorraine Poth

#8 He Walked In And Made Himself At Home. Is This A Halloween Blessing?! My House, Not My Cat

Source: Valerie Slade

#9 My Hotel Room, Not My Cat. Monkey Is The Sweetest Boy. If I Knew The Hotel Room Came With A Cat I Would’ve Asked If I Could Pay More

  Letty Macbeth

#10 My House, My Bedroom, My Bed. Not My Cat

  Vicki Brooke

#11  This Fuzzy Boy (I Think) Had A Sudden Urge To Check His Email. This Is My Computer. This Is Not My Cat

  Source: Laura Phillips

#12 We Have Enjoyed Our Daily Visitor To Our House For Months

  Source: Lorraine Poth

#13 My House, My Shoes. Not My Cat Asleep With His Face In Them

  Source: Cubby Adams

#14  This Gorgeous Boy Keeps Visiting! Although He Knows Hes Not Allowed In The House He Does Try!!! Ive Named Him Mr Big Balls… I Think You Can Figure Out Why

#15 I Was Wondering Why This Plant Had Died. Get Home From Work…. Not Our Cat, But Enjoying The Sunshine Nonetheless!

  Source: Jackie Simmonds

Let us know in the comments below your opinion about these kitties and which one intrigued you the most.


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