Man Rescues Two Swans Who Were Entangled Together – Animals Land

Seeing animals in pain and suffering is something that always makes my heart ache. The internet is chock full of videos sick and starving animals. Many times it is an organization that is there to help them that is filming. It is still terribly sad to see an animal that has never hurt anyone in pain.

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That’s why this video really pulled at my heart-strings at the beginning. Two men come across a white ball that seems to be floating down the Mazā Jugla River in Latvia. They decide to investigate and find that it is actually two grown Swans that have become tangled together, presumably while battling for territory.

They become so entangled however that they were unable to work themselves free, and sat there suffering for who knows how long. Check out how these two guys were able to save these Swans from what would have been a terrible fate.


These guys have a lot of guts to be dealing with this situation. Swans are known as very aggressive birds. Even with them being tangled up like that, I don’t know if I would have wanted to get that close to them.

They have a reputation of chasing people and hitting them with their wings and nipping them with their sharp beaks. From everything I’ve heard, it hurts quite a bit. That didn’t stop these two from doing everything they could to help these poor animals though. These two are true wildlife heroes.


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