Loyal dog won’t leave dad alone until he dies

Loyal dog won’t leave dad alone until he dies

Benny, a faithful dog, was saved after Hurricane Harvey and adopted by a Washington family a year and a half ago. Benny and his father, Scott Ballenger, became great friends when they met and haven’t been apart since.

According to Alexis Nazarino, Scott’s daughter, Benny felt uneasy among the other guys, but he adored Scott and would always listen when his car drew up to the home after work, long before the family knew.

Despite his distrust of other people, his father always showed him love and trust, taking him everywhere with his fiancée.

Scott adored Benny and always reciprocated his affection.

Scott was brought to the hospital in a critical condition towards the end of August, and Benny was understandably puzzled.

Because Scott and the dog were inseparable, the family took him to the hospital.

When Benny saw his father in the hospital, he smelled like Scott and was agitated, pacing about. Then something changed from one minute to the next. Benny immediately refused to leave Scott alone, as if he understood how sick he was and how much he needed him.

Benny had been snuggling up to Scott all day, softly placing his head on his arm.

Benny sensed that this was his father’s last day after spending so much time with him over the past year and a half. He wanted to be there for him the entire time.

Benny was distraught when Scott died the next day.

She continues to look for him throughout the day and laments his absence at night. But Scott’s mother and the rest of his family have been there for him, assisting him in dealing with the loss and showering him with love because they know they can get through it together.


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