He has been Hurt by two cruel Owners but…all let’s watch this Warrior

Harald was born in a silk mill that turns mother dogs into sages and breeds thousands of silkworms to make money. Due to overbreeding, many farm animals are more likely to be born with serious birth defects like heart disease, kidney disease, blood disorders, deafness, and permanent lameness.

After taking a few baby breaths, Harold was sold for $7,000 to an unexpected buyer. Harold’s new owner brought him home and cared for him through his first round of ringworm. Then, without warning, Harold lost the ability to use his back legs because of the curvature of his spine, which was caused by too much grinding at the flour mill. The condition is similar to scoliosis and takes away all feeling in his backside. Harold’s new owner, who was too busy, gave him up to Dallas DogRRR, and we quickly took him to the emergency animal hospital.

Harold spent two days in the hospital and had trouble eating without throwing up. Doctors did emergency surgery to remove Harold’s appendix and found ulcerations and a tear in his intestines, adhesions in his abdomen, swollen lymph nodes, high liver values, and stomach fluid running through his abdomen and esophagus. This little guu has lived at Dallas DogRRR for many years and is our spokesperson and social media ambassador.

He really knows how to fight, but we hate seeing him in such bad shape. We’re doing everything we can to help Sir Harold. I lσve uσu sweet Harσld!



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