14 Cats Who Delighted Their Owners with Unexpected Gifts – Viral Cats Blog

14 Cats Who Delighted Their Owners with Unexpected Gifts – Viral Cats Blog

#1 This Kitty Waits For The Flowers To Fall And Carefully Selects The Best Ones To Bring As Gifts To Her Owner

Source: alliesatwar

#2 Peepers The Blind Kitty Is So Proud Of The Gift He Brought Us From His Nightly Hunt

Source: haricotverts757

#3 She Has Carefully Selected Each Leaf, Only Choosing Red Or Brown Ones, And Has Brought Them Inside One By One And Placed Them Outside My Bedroom. She Does This Every Day

Source: FelineGroovy1981

#4 My Cat Has Been An Indoor Cat For Months. Today He Brought Me Back A Toy Snake

Source: Christinathenothuman

#5 Butters Brought Me A Chicken Wing From Outside. It’s Still Warm. Where Did You Get This?

Source: mrcoldpiece

#6 The Neighbor’s Cat Brings Me Jalapenos From My Garden. He’s So Proud, Good Kitty

Source: Gone333

#7 A Friend’s Cat Brings Him Mushrooms Every Day. No Mice, No Insects, Only Mushrooms

Source: reddit.com

#8 Been Feeding This Stray Cat For A Little Under A Year. Thought She Was Getting Fat. Turns Out She Had 3 Kittens And Brought Them To Me

Source: NoSteam97

#9 Been In My Bed Sick All Day. Finally Opened The Door And Arthur The Cat Had Brought Me A Christmas Ornament From The Tree As A Gift

Source: HelpfulPhotograph185

#10 Meet Beast, Who’s Brought Me Pink Flowers For Seven Years Now

Source: ninjajandal

#11 My Cat Has A Collection Of Bra Pads She Has Removed From My Bras, And She Does A Weird Meow While Delivering Me One Every Single Night

source: evasloane

#12 This Is My Boyfriend’s Office He Works Out Of From Home. Here Are All Of The Socks She Brought Up From The Basement To The Third Floor For Him Today

  Source: hikingfortheviews

#13 While In The Kitchen My Cat Will Bring You Things In Exchange For Snacks

Source: Againthankyou

#14 Each Night While We Sleep Our Cat Searches The House For Small Gifts And Leaves Them At The Top Of The Basement Stairs

Source: GrinningDentrassi

Let us know in the comments below your opinion about these kitties and which one intrigued you the most.


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